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Sky City 1
The Tree
Boulder in Act 1
Boulder on Cable Net
LED Costumes
The Stone
Stage One rigger

Singapore celebrated its 51st birthday as an independent nation on 9th August 2016 with the annual National Day Parade (NDP). This year marks a return of NDP to the National Stadium after 10 years, during which the stadium was completely re-built. 

The Creative and Production Team for NDP16 started work in September 2015, helmed by Creative Director Beatrice Chia-Richmond and Technical Director, Kenny Wong. From the onset there was close collaboration within the team from concept to development to production. This spirit of collaboration eventually carried through to the contractors as well. Through this culture of collaboration, plus a sense of adventure, the show that resulted featured quite a few ground breaking elements for Singapore, the region, and even the world, including the first catenary and bridle fly system in a Singapore and the world's largest 360 degree projection mapping system.


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